Congratulations to the cast of James and the Giant Peach JR!

If you were cast, please accept or decline your position ASAP by emailing us at [email protected].

As a reminder, there is a $175 tuition fee to participate in this production. If the full cost will prohibit participation, please apply for a student scholarship.

Peacock Players will email you our paperless Online Registration Forms and online tuition payment link before the first rehearsal on 8/29. All Online Registration Forms and tuition payments (either via online link or check – made payable to Peacock Players) must be submitted by September 3rd in order for students to be allowed to continue to attend rehearsals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Cast List

*denotes a Peacock Players Mainstage Debut

James: Raylyn Paul*

Ladahlord: Kayla Digennaro*



Ladybug: Fiona Rafalski

Grasshopper: Aiden Lundquist*

Spider: Ava Chaloux*

Earthworm: James Yavarow

Centipede: Max Redinger*


Spiker: Penny Coco

Sponge: Cameron Straker

Matron Nurse: Shayla Rourke

Billy: Olivia Cartagena

Bobby: Marcus Lavoie


Understudy for James: Lucy Barbagallo*

Understudy for Earthworm/Centipede: Connor Hickey

Understudy for Grasshopper: Lia Spaulding 

Understudy for Spider/Ladybug: Molly Hickey

Understudy for Ladahlord: Elena Neiley

Understudy for Spiker/Sponge: Corinne Costa*

Understudy for Matron Nurse: Gianna Caputo*


Ensemble A

Autumn Cheney*

Arya Conway*

Graham Cooper

Reese Cote*

Tommy English

Isabelle Kerbert*

Addison Raymond

Reid Saddler

Ensemble B

Marshall Angellis

Lucy Barbagallo*

Lizzy Baysinger*

Owen Bedy

Gianna Caputo*

Corinne Costa*

Connor Hickey

Molly Hickey 

Elena Neiley

Mason Paras*

Shayla Rourke

Brody Salmon*

Lia Spaulding

*The Zoo*

Mr. Trotter: Tommy English

Mrs. Trotter Isabelle Kerbert*

Karl Kreatour: Mason Paras*

The Zoo Crowd: Ensemble A


*The Vagrants*

Doreen Driggles: Lizzy Baysinger*

Ridgley Rapscallion: Brody Salmon *

Violet Funkschmeller: Elena Neiley

Chris Cryermouth: Connor Hickey


*The Garden Chorus*

The Garden Chorus: Whole Cast minus Spiker, Sponge and The 5 Insects


*The Reporters*

Ida Walters: Shayla Rourke

Reporters: Ladies of Ensemble B


*The Ladies*

Bitsy Botana: Reid Saddler

The Ladies:             Ladies of Ensemble A


*The Hollywood Agents*

Buzz:             Olivia Cartagena 

The Agents: Brody Salmon*, Tommy English, Connor Hickey, Graham Cooper, Mason Paras*, Marshall Angellis, Marcus Lavoie, Owen Bedy


*The Farm*

Willy Wonka: Elena Neiley

Oompa Loompas: Reese Cote*, Autumn Cheney*, Tommy English*, Isabelle Kerbert*, Addison Raymond

Farm Animals: Marshall Angellis, Connor Hickey


*The Angry Crowd*

The Crowd: Ensemble B


*The Cruise Ensemble*

The Ensemble: Ensemble A


*The Ocean*

Sharks: Ensemble B

Seagulls: Ensemble A


*The New Yorkers*

Screaming Woman: Reese Cote*

Lucille Von Kooglestein:  Reid Saddler

Bunny Mackenzie III: Autumn Cheney*

Jake: Marshall Angellis

Joe: Graham Cooper