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It is always free to audition. Only if a student is cast, are they expected to provide an educational production tuition.

Visit the show’s audition page for more information about signing up for an audition time.

Walk In auditions are always welcome. Those who request an audition appointment will be seen as close to their appointed time as possible, while Walk-In auditions will be seen as time permits. Everyone that wants to audition will be seen.

We strongly recommend finding sheet music, and working with it prior to your audition. A cappella singing is always allowed, but your ability to match pitch and rhythm with the piano is something we carefully evaluate during auditions.

Most music and book stores contain limited sections of sheet music songbooks. There are several online sheet music sites (like Musicnotes or Sheet Music Plus) that allow you to download and print out most musical selections.

Please visit the show’s audition page for specific information about accompanists.

The best monologues are found in published plays, musicals, screenplays, and first person narrative literature. Monologues can be found online, and in larger monologue anthologies at your local bookstore. Monologues that are not from full-published plays are oftentimes not very well written and therefore do not make good audition material. We recommend finding audition material that is well written, age appropriate, and something that the actor can emotionally identify with.

Yes. We strongly recommend that you memorize all of your audition selections.

Peacock Players offers private one-on-one instruction to help students prepare professionally for their upcoming auditions. Please email [email protected] for more information

Auditions are held at Peacock Players, 14 Court Street, Nashua, NH.

We strongly recommend that parents allow their students to audition on their own. We find they are less distracted, and execute better work when they are alone while auditioning. Plus, we need to evaluate their ability to perform solo.

Remember to bring a copy of your sheet music and monologue (if required), a headshot or photo, and a resume or list of theatre experience with you. Please give all of these materials to the audition monitor when you arrive and check in. Also, remember to list any and all of your acting, singing, musical instrument, dance, gymnastics, and special skill training (if any).

Unless otherwise specifically suggested in the audition information, it is always acceptable at Peacock Players to sing from the score you are auditioning for.

We suggest dressing respectfully and comfortably for your audition. Avoid clothing that hides your face and physique, and that may distract attention away from you and your audition.

Yes. An audition monitor will be present to welcome you, provide you with an audition form, and collect your form, headshot, and resume materials.

After the initial auditions, some students may be “called back” for further consideration. A Callback List will be posted on this website within its play details following the initial audition nights. Those students invited back will be among those eventually cast.