Sophia Scribner



Sophia Scribner (Mrs. Potts) is so excited to be in her fourth mainstage production with Peacock Players! She was in her first show at the age of five and has been acting ever since. Recent credits: The Addams Family (Wednesday Addams), 9 to 5 (Roz Keith), Freaky Friday (Ellie Blake), Xanadu (Kira), Firebringer (Jemilla). Sophia is a senior at Nashua High School North, where she participates in too many clubs. When she’s not onstage, you’ll find her jogging around her neighborhood at a max speed of 1 mph, curating a new Spotify playlist, or anxiously redrafting her college essay. She thanks her mom and brother for being her biggest fans, and her voice teacher, Melissa Elsman, for assisting her with her vocal technique.

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