Raylynn Despres


Raylynn Despres (Monsieur D’Arque, Laundry Lady, Wolf) is very excited to be in her 3rd Peacock Players show! Raylynn is a Sophomore at Nashua High School North and has been involved in theater for 5 years. Some of her previous credits include Junie B Jones JR (May), Broadway Through the Ages (Eliza Doolittle), and Xanadu (Calliope). She has been singing with her choir for 7 years but has loved singing her whole life. She’s absolutely in awe of how talented this whole cast is and wishes everyone good luck in the shows to come. Lastly she would like to thank her family, friends. and most importantly her amazing manager at work who is so kind when it came to letting her take days off of work for rehearsals. She hopes you enjoy the show and fall in love with all of these classic characters all over again. 

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