Jerry Primo Jr


Jerry Primo Jr (Dick) is electrified for his Peacock Players debut! Jerry is a Freshman at Nashua High School South (Go Panthers!). Some of his favorite credits include Romeo and Juliet, Together (and Alive!) At Last (Albert Hamilton), Beauty and The Beast (Gaston), James and the Giant Peach (Karl Kreator), and Spamalot (Mother). Jerry started acting at the age of 8 and has never been the same. Jerry also has been going to the Peacock Players camp since he was about 8 or 9. Jerry is an active member of the marching band, concert band, jazz band, and The Granite State Challenge team at Nashua South. He is planning on doing indoor track this Winter, as well as tennis in the spring. Jerry would like to thank his amazing family and friends for attending and would also like to thank his cast members for the best debut show anyone could ever ask for!

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