Gabby Wallace


Gabby Wallace (Disciple, “Bless the Lord”)

is super excited to be performing in her fourth Peacock Players mainstage show! She has been performing and singing since 3rd grade, and has been in love with it ever since, her first ever musical being Junie B. Jones Jr. She is a sophomore at Nashua High School North and is a part of the Concert Choir and Treble choir. Some of her favorite past roles include Xanadu (Melpomene), Legally Blonde Jr. (Vivienne), Beauty and the Beast (Silly girl), and Elf (Emily Hobbs). She would like to thank all of her friends and family for everything they’ve done for her. Also, can’t forget to thank the live band, crew, production team, and everyone else involved with this incredible show, this wouldn’t be possible without all of them. She hopes you all enjoy this INCREDIBLE show!

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