Amelia English


Amelia English (Director) is happy to be back with Peacock Players directing James and the Giant Peach Jr. after directing Once Upon A Mattress last Spring! She has been involved with theatre since high school and has stage managed seven shows (Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlett, A Christmas Carol, The Beauty Queen of Lennanne, Stupid F*cking Bird, Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem, Waiting for Godot, and Circle, Mirror, Transformation) and directed one (The Great Gatsby) with Balefire Productions in Lowell, MA. She has been the tech advisor for the drama club at Pelham High School for ten shows (The Velveteen Rabbit, Peter Pan, It’s a Wonderful Life, Frankenstein, A Seussified Christmas Carol, The Wizard of Oz, The Nutcracker, Ghost House, Death by Dessert, and Arsenic and Old Lace). She is currently an Instructional Assistant at Pelham High School and the Office Coordinator at Peacock Players. She is pursuing a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health to become a therapist. In her free time, she makes and sells dreamcatchers and art with her mother, plays guitar, and plays with her cats, Gimli and Ollie.

This is a show about family. Family isn’t always just those who are of your blood. Family can be friends, mentors, and people who support you. James finds family in the most unexpected of places – among a group that is vastly different than he is. The characters have to quickly come together and work as a team to get out of some rather “sticky” situations. Right from the start, the insects provide a nurturing, loving, safe place for James to grow and become who he was always meant to. Despite the struggles James faces, he remains hopeful. By the end, he has found a home and a family. Often, a cast becomes a family. It is really beautiful to watch the older kids become young leaders and mentors by helping out the younger kids – they have continuously stepped up to help run dances, games, and scenes as well as reinforcing expectations and focus when the directors needed to work with smaller groups during rehearsals. The rehearsal process has been a short one, but the cast and crew have worked so hard to bring this beautiful story to life, together. They should know that this is a loving, safe place for them and that they will always have a family here. Despite the struggles you may face and any bumps in the road along the way, you have made it here and you will continue to shine wherever you go! We don’t care where you roam, you can always come back home! Welcome home! 

I was very lucky to work with a production team of some of the people who are the closest to me. Special thanks to Taylor Kudalis, Dan Buchner, Elle Millar, Meg Redinger, Tommy Stachowiak, Tom R. English, Will English, Tom E. English, and Lanita English for putting so much work into helping with costumes, props, set builds, and painting. Thank you to Taylor for working her feathers off doing the choreography for this show – it looks truly amazing. Thank you to Dan for making the kids’ vocals sound so great, for being my biggest supporter and cheerleader, and always catching me when I fall. Thank you to Elle for giving me this opportunity and for being such an incredible mentor, and for all of the help. And thank you to you, my dear audience, as you provide the possibility for this magic to happen, right before your eyes. Please enjoy the show! 


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