Beginning the week of September 15th – 19th, 2014

STORY-TIME with MaryEllen Stevenson
Mommy and me classes are where children and parents learn to play together. Children are accompanied by a parent (or another grownup) for all classes. Class participants will enjoy a weekly story reading, story-themed crafts, music, movement, and some social free-play. Structured group story-time provides just the right amount of social activity to stimulate a toddler’s senses and help teach them valuable formative skills – all the while having fun together.
Tuesdays 10am-11am [10 weeks]
Ages: 6 months – 3 years
Course # T101
Tuition: $150


PIRATES AND PRINCESSES5322933719_0de66a42a7_z
KINDERTHEATRE with MaryEllen Stevenson
An introduction to the world of theatre through the swashbuckling adventures of pirates and princesses. Through creative dramatics, imagination, and recreational theatre play, KINDERTHEATRE students will develop basic acting skills, enhance creativity, and strengthen self-esteem. Class activities, theater exercises, and training will be based upon the characters of the students’ favorite pirate and princess tales. KINDERTHEATRE culminates in an exciting showcase performance for friends and family.
Tuesdays [or] Thursdays 4pm-5pm [10 weeks]
Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
Course # T103
Tuition: $150


YOUTHEATRE with MaryEllen Stevenson
Explore theatre through the adventures of your favorite Disney heroes and villains. YOUTHEATRE students will learn about theatre through creative dramatics, improvisation, and fundamental storytelling. In addition to learning fundamental concepts of objective, tactic, conflict, and sense memory through theatre games and focus strengthening, students will also learn fundamental theatre techniques, basic improvisational skills, and acting training. YOUTHEATRE culminates in an exciting showcase performance for friends and family.
Tuesdays [or] Thursdays 5pm-6pm [10 weeks]
2nd Grade – 4th Grade
Course # T201
Tuition: $150


AUDITION PREPARATION with Alyssa Dumas & Sarah EvansUnknown
This course will address common issues that inhibit success when auditioning for theater. Students may “cold read”, prepare assigned material, receive directorial adjustments, or be put through their paces in mock callbacks. All students will be asked to self-assess in the process of overcoming unproductive auditioning habits. Résumé preparation and headshot selection will also be touched upon. Students will also concentrate working on musical selections with an accompanist.
Fridays 5pm-6pm [10 weeks]
6th Grade – High School
Course # T401
Tuition: $150


PLAYING SHAKESPEARE with Keith Weirichimages-1
Broadway actor and Peacock Players’ Artistic Director Keith Weirich leads a ten-week class on acting and enjoying Shakespeare. Get up on your feet and explore the Bard’s language through objective analysis, examining the use of verse and prose, language and character. This is a class designed to reflect the way actors think and should approach playing Shakespeare’s texts. Prepare for upcoming A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM auditions. Perfect for anyone interested in an accessible and engaging introduction to Shakespeare (no experience necessary).
Wednesdays 4pm-5pm [10 weeks]
6th Grade – High School
Course # T403
Tuition: $150



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