TD white on black 2011 logoClara Bronfine
Patrick Danahy
Jessie Davis
Brennan Gillespie

Lexi Jones-Guillemette
Kyle Kashiwabara
Patrick Kennedy
Leah Kruczynska
John Misch

Paige Naumnik
Lucci O’Keefe
Avery Ouellette
Jeremy Parrott
Andrew Shapiro
Aren Truex
Erin Wilson

If you were not cast this time around, please do not feel discouraged. Please return and audition for future Peacock Players Mainstage productions and Select Programs.

TECHNiCAL DiFFiCULTiES will meet for our first Spring Semester rehearsal on Saturday, February 10th from 10am – 1pm.

As a reminder, there is a $150 educational tuition connected with being cast in each Peacock Players Select Program per semester.

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